Does the purchase on mac cover the app on Ipad?

I feel like a total moron, but I can’t figure out how, after purchasing and using Scrivener for my mac–how to also download it on my Ipad. Do I really have to purchase it twice? It’s not appearing on my purchased apps on my ipad.

Some basic instructions dumbed-down would be very helpful,

The Mac version is a different beast from the iOS version, so you’ll have to buy it too. Such is the case for most software that has a Mac version and an iOS version, including Pages, for instance. It’s just that you “buy” Pages for Mac for $0, and likewise for the iOS versions because Apple makes its money off of its hardware, for the most part.

Thanks for the quick reply. What a goddamn gyp.
The app keeps crashing too.

Well, let’s see what other surprises are in order. I wonder if i’ll be able to even sync projects…

That’s Apple’s fault. There is no way for a company to link the purchase of a Mac app to a related iOS app; they can’t even give upgrade discounts based on the purchase of a previous version; major updates are always at 100% retail price for everyone.

The iOS app? I haven’t seen much complaint about that around here. Maybe make a post about that issue, detailing what triggers the crash, or contact support directly.

If you understand how Dropbox works when it automatically syncs files from one computer to the dropbox servers and then to one or more other computers, then you shouldn’t have much trouble with sync, once you set it up. Since I’m familiar with cloud syncing, in broad strokes if not the minutia, I found it pretty straightforward. Hopefully, it will be as transparent to you.

Good luck; once you get around any quirks with your setup, I’m sure you’ll find Scrivener indispensable.

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