Does the "Use smart quotes" setting work?


I have just upgraded to a new computer, and moving my Scrivener projects over to my new Yosemite computer I am a bit confused regarding text substitution, and Scrivener vs the system settings. What takes precedence? Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug here somewhere?

My scenario:

In the Yosemite system preferences, I have UN-checked the setting for substituting quotations with smart quotes, because having it checked also means system-wide changing of double hyphens to en-dashes which I don’t want. (Don’t remember if that was the same in Mavericks, but nonetheless: For whatever reason, Yosemite won’t let me choose smart quotes without smart dashes or vice versa.)

However, this seems to also stop straight quotes from becoming curly quotes in Scrivener, even though Scrivener’s “Use Smart Quotes” setting is checked.

Please help me here if I’m misunderstanding something – my workaround would of course be to turn system-wide substitution back on, but ideally I would love to be able to use Scrivener’s setting regardless of the rest of the system.



That doesn’t match with what I’m seeing in 10.10 I have disabled smart quotes centrally in the System Preferences “Keyboard” panel, and experimented with enabling smart quotes in Scrivener, and found that it works fine. This holds true for other programs with a toggle, such as TextEdit. If I toggle smart quotes on but leave the system off, it works. How does that go if you try it?

The only way I can get a result like you describe is if I leave the system preference on, but then manually select straight quotes from the two punctuation style selectors below the checkbox.

Just to double-check, have you updated Scrivener to 2.6 yet? This was our 10.10 compatibility release, so that should be done if not.

Yes, fresh computer, so obviously also a fresh download of Scrivener…

However, after posting, I stumbled on this thread at Smart/Curly Quotes in Editor so it seems I’m not the first to report this.

Incidentally, writing along I just had ONE closing quote magically transform itself into curly quotes, while all others on a dialogue-heavy page stayed straight.
But if I gather correctly from the other thread, this is the nature of the bug?

To be honest, your answer has me a bit confused:

Isn’t this exactly what is described in the other thread as the known problem, in that it doesn’t work?
Anyways, that is exactly what I’m doing, with the result that 99% of the quotes stay straight — with the remaining one percent transformed. Very very weird…

Also, this didn’t happen on my previous computer. Same version of Scrivener, same version of Yosemite, with the exception that now I’m running a fresh Yosemite install, while on my old computer it was upgraded/installed over Mavericks.

In fact, researching deeper, I now can’t seem to get ANY combination of settings to give me curly quotes: Even with smart quotes in system settings ON, Scrivener keeps the quotes straight regardless of turning Scrivener’s setting ON or OFF.

All help appreciated.

I find it easier to type the correct characters (curly quotes rather than primes) in the first place: … ion-marks/

Hm, thanks. However, me being Swedish and all, this calls for simultaneously pressing alt+shift+2 which is quite an awkward hand position. Write a dialogue-heavy page, and you’ll end up some with mild arthritis…

On a positive note, the system-wide setting seems to have stuck after closing and restarting Scrivener — the curly quotes now work great again. Interestingly, though, when restarting Scrivener with the system smart quote setting checked, Scrivener’s two checkboxes for curly quotes and convert to em-dashes were suddenly both checked, even though they hade been the opposite when I closed the app.

I wonder if this is some Yosemite weirdness — more or less along the same lines as the Yosemite smart mailboxes, which also refuse to work on my week-old Mac Book Air. (Perhaps naming something “smart” is just a bad omen…?)

Well, there is Migration Assistant, never mind what anyone can do themselves, plugging the new computer into the old one and dragging it all over. So I have to ask. :slight_smile:

It could be that bug, there is more information in the knowledge base. Suddenly return of functioning after a Scrivener restart is one known aspect of it.

Unfortunately this one goes back to when 10.7 was still being routinely updated.