Does this timeline view exist?

I’ve been using Scrivener for a decade, and I just saw something I’ve never seen in the app.

I checked out Scrivener on the App Store. On the third photo (light brown background) there’s a horizontal timeline view with the notecards.

Does this view exist??? Because if so, it’d be amazing! It’s similar to Plottr which I’ve been checking out as well to supplement Scrivener.

It appears that view would be a part of the cork board, but I have no idea how to enable it or if it’s even implemented. Never seen it anywhere else, and I feel like it’d be pretty popular.

It’s not really a timeline view, it’s a view done by separating by labels. It’s available in Mac Scrivener 3.x.x. You can read about it in the Scriv 3 manual in section 8.2.5.

If you’re looking for a true timeline that syncs with Scrivener, Aeon Timeline is fantastic.SyncingWithTimeline.png