Doesn't copy hyperlinks from OO?

Hi all,
I’m thinking of using Scrivener as my passwords storing software (locked behind 128bit encryption in a Mac Image Disc… is that all I have to do to make it secure?)

I need to get all my stuff in Writer (Open Office) across into Scrivener. But if I import it I lose a lot of the formatting. Maybe that’s what I have to do, IF I have to.

But here’s the interesting bit. I opened up Open Office and tried to manually copy and paste all my pages of text into Scrivener. It worked fine, until I got down to the first hyperlinked website address in OO. From then on in Scrivener, it was BLANK! Nothing. At. All. Gone!

Any ideas?

Oh, and is just using an Image Disc enough, or should I drop this crazy password project all together and just put up with ‘vague’ security for my Scrivener projects?

I don’t think it is a good idea to use scrivener to store passwords - the clip board, temp files & caches are going to be hard to do away with (What happens to them when your system accidentally shuts down in the middle of an action? …that sort of things.), and you’ll have to pay special attention to all the backup zips, and continuous saving of your work that scrivener is doing —> especially that I think you can only set up one backup policy (frequency/number of backups/location) system wide.
If it is just to have an encrypted “hardcopy” of your pw somewhere, you’ll get better & simpler (more secure) control with a simple text file.

If you need these pw often, you’ll be better off using a specialized application that will not only store them, but save them, allow you to use them directly in apps or web pages, and generate strong passwords for you. (1password, keepass, lastpass, etc…)

Lastly, what sort of security do you need for your scrivener projects? “Vague security”? Scivener is not designed to be secure, but the protection system you design around it can be very robust, with strong encryption, and controlled access.
What threat(s) are you trying to defend against? :slight_smile:

Hi, I guess I should have just said “system” security, as in they have to get into my computer in the first place to steal my (as yet) hypothetical, award winning children’s book! :wink: :laughing:

Thanks for your advice. Do you use any particular mac password software? Any shareware stuff?

I have used 1Password for a year or so as a password manager, and I like it.

Yes, I am using 1password.
From what I understand your concerns are, it ought to address some of them; strong (unique!) passwords go a long way to improving your overall security. 1pw generates strong passwords for you, keeps them handy and assists various logins, etc… you can also use it as a repository for identity(ies) and essential papers.
…so goes for other pw managers.

Second on your list must be physical security - control access to your computer by others, and of course theft.

Cryptography might not be a necessity for you, but you can choose to encrypt your files, or your whole hard drive; it is now fairly easy and convenient to do with negligible system or mindfulness overhead.