Doesn't save, backup OR sync

I predominately use Scrivener on iOS / Mac. I downloaded the Windows version because I have a new laptop that I might use from time to time. Because I move between Apple products frequently, I use Dropbox and it works perfectly.

I have a few issues that I’m going to lump together here since they all involve closing the document and being able to access it everywhere / anywhere.

  1. Scriv didn’t open the newest version (written in iOS / saved to Dropbox).

  2. I cannot create a temporary copy for backups. Everything has either been uninstalled, closed, turned off, etc. There is (temporarily) no firewall protection, no anti-virus, NOTHING that could possibly be keeping this from saving.

  3. I can save to Dropbox but cannot open on the Mac or iOS.

  4. Syncing with an external folder - no matter where - cannot save to a project’s folder.

  5. I cannot save as. I get the same error as #4 - cannot save to a project’s folder, despite saving to an external drive that doesn’t have a single Scrivener file on it.

I’m not an idiot - I’ve read the manual. I’ve copied all the Mac folder settings for the Dropbox sync. I’ve searched the forums. Absolutely nothing works. Am I overthinking? Missing something stupid obvious?

I didn’t have these problems with the beta. I’m using the trial version, but as far as I know I shouldn’t be having this issue. (Or is the trial handicapped in some way? I didn’t think it was.) The only thing that is the slightest bit different between the beta and today is the new version. (, Is that my problem?