Doing a search and seeing the folder an item is in

Hi, this has been driving me crazy.

I have a lot of folders and sub folders under Drafts. Often I find things by doing a search. This brings up the search tab on the left with the list of items, many of which will have the same name but be in different folders. I need to know what folders the items are in; I’d prefer without opening them, but with opening them if I have to.

But there doesn’t seem to be a way without clicking an item, then cancelled the search and seeing where in the folder tree you end up. There’s no option to add the folder name to the search tab list, and if you open the item, there’s no folder name in the title bar of that middle window, and it doesn’t even appear as a field in the Inspector.

Am I crazy? Is there some simple option for this?

It’s important because I may have 100 jokes on a subject separated into sub-folders that determine it’s a joke I’ve told on stage, that went good or bad, or is something I’m working on, or falls into a category like cute / stupid / rude, etc.

Yes I bought Scrivener 2, so I hope you can address it!

PS I hate the new Scrivener icon. Is there a way to change it back?

Just hover the mouse pointer over any one of the results. The hint text that appears tells you the path in the binder that the file you are hovering the pointer over belongs to.

There appears to be something wrong with your eyes. It’s a very nice icon :slight_smile:


In addition to the tooltip trick, the header bar icon menu (that little icon next to the title of the search result when you load it in the editor) can be clicked on. One of the items in here is “Path” which shows the position of the search result in the Binder.

Although Keith and Ioa may hate me for telling you this, I believe you can change it back (so long as you still have the original Scrivener 1.54 still on your computer). Open Get Info for Scriv 1.5 and also for Scriv 2.0. At the top of each GetInfo window you will see the icons. Select the icon for Scriv 1.5 (by clicking on it so that it is surrounded by a blue border), and copy it (Edit/Copy in the menubar). Then select the icon for Scriv 2.0 and go to Edit/Paste in the menubar. It should change it in both the icon at the top and the Preview at the bottom.

Do NOT copy the icon under the “Preview” button–this copies the entire program.

P.S. Keith, Ioa and the rest–I like the new icon just fine, and love the program! Impressive work by all. Take a few days of well-deserved rest!

Ok thanks, that will do. It takes a few seconds for the hint text to appear so I never noticed it.

I also checked the Path under the icon in the title bar. I wish that could actually be incorporated into the name. It would make life much easier.

It would only make life easier for some people, though, that’s the problem. For other people, it would make the search results screen a royal mess of too much information.