Doing something other than writing ...

I’m now into my fourth year on the big work. Sometimes I manage a couple of months intense work but increasingly I’ve found that I can do better doing shorter stints with a different activity spacing each session. I am able to travel within the country - Australia - and also to spend time away in another city - Sydney. This adds interests and information that can be useful particularly with characters and locations. (The novel is set in Australia during the period 1900 to 1934.) To vary my activities I also play with designing products on a couple of Print on Demand portals/sites which take me completely away from the novel - and Well, yes this does sound like a promo and perhaps it is, but I thought you might like to see what the writing mind comes up with when not writing. That is Proust’s handwriting in the background and how could I resist In Search of Lost Time as a label/title. And yes, I needed a clock. Cheers from Down Under.

Writers Square Wall Clock by Youbeaut

I want just say that doing something other than writing will loss your writing skills.We should write every time.I like writing very much.Through each writing i can gain more confidant in my writing.I have no world without writing.