Dominant editor window

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a feature.

In most of my projects I have 2 editors (left and right). When I have the left one selected and I click on an item in the binder, the item will open in the left editor, as that is the one I had selected, and it would open in the right side editor if I had that one selected.

Now in one of my projects something has changed, and now all items open in the left editor, which is really frustrating. When I go to View>Editor Layout>Swap editors, the issue remains, but it will then always open in the right side editor.

In the ‘Window’ dropdown menu I have tried all buttons, but it doesn’t solve the issue either. It’s only in one project where I’m having this issue. Maybe I’m missing something?

Have a look at the menu Navigate > Binder Selection Affects > …
Most likely in this submenu you will find the option you are looking for.

Thank you, that was exactly it!

I wonder how I accidentally changed that.

I’ve done it, somehow, completely accidentally, after trying a layout (I think the layout set it? Not sure. I didn’t deliberately do it, I know that). That was back in Beta 4 or 6, I think, and had to ask here how to undo it.

I think it’s not a well-implemented feature. There should be visible feedback when a window is ‘dominant’, and there should be a more intuitive way to change it.

Maybe some sort of icon at the top of the pane to tell you? And clicking it would open the “Binder Selection Affects…” dialog?