I have done the deed. Following recommendations in a thread in “Other Software”, I have downloaded Scrivener. When paid for, it will be the most expensive software I have ever purchased (because I had to buy the hardware as well).

People say tools don’t matter - just use pen, paper and MS Word. But they do. That’s why I still use my father’s saw, hammer, plane and spokeshave; they were very well made and right for the job.

And so with Scrivener. :smiley:

Welcome to the Scrivener world, and the Mac world too! It can be an exciting change once you get over the little differences.

Wow. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting and welcome aboard.

Ha! Expensive indeed. But well worth it, I think. Yes, welcome to the world of Scrivener and Mac. I think you will find it a happy partnership!


Hugh, welcome to the Scrivener forum. I’m assuming you made the switch from a Windows machine to an Apple. If so, I hope you’ll find it as enjoyable as I have. I bought an iMac a year ago and haven’t looked back since. (And that was even before Scrivener.)

If you are new to Apple computers and could use help making the transition, take a look at David Pogue’s book, Mac OSX, The Missing Manual. I don’t know about others, but it was a great resource for me.


I wish to add my welcome to you as well, Hugh, both to Appleland as a whole and specifically to Scrivenerville. I know you will like our homey, happy culture. And our rich traditions. We have kept many of these alive, often for tourists but also for ourselves. We spend much time singing the Yulka and dancing in our Dummerhosen. But we are modern also. Here the women shave daily. And no one is any longer allowed to stare at blue screens.

As Margaret has already announced, David Pogue (as with many of us, his name has been anglicized) is a wonderful cultural ambassador for us, making it easy for newcomers to negotiate our sometimes strange ways and unfamiliar language.

We are all in the midst of wishing you welcome and laughing!

Hugh, welcome to The Kingdom of Scrivener in the Land of Mac.

Now get your feet off the coffee table. What were you, raised in a barn, mebbe?



Hugh, I’m also a former Windows user. I moved to OS X about three years ago. It made a lot of sense from the beginning. But Scrivener has made it the best decision ever. My workflow now is complete:

  1. Drafts & notes with notebook and fountain pen
  2. Writing, editing, tinkering, rewriting with Scrivener
  3. Printing with Pages


Thanks, all. And thanks in particular for the Pogue book suggestion.

I promise, Keith, to keep any “Ah, but…” moments to a minimum, and if they do emerge, to keep them constructive. :slight_smile:

So far, only “Ah, yes!” moments.

But I do have a lot to learn.


popcornFlix: 'Fraid I’m a feet-on-coffee-table man from way back, and now I find this gives me just the right eyeline for my MacBook screen…

Just write off the coffee table as business expense. Buying office furniture takes on a whole new meaning.