Don't change a thing

Scrivener does what I need very well. Has no bloat. Tightly designed and sensible. Gets out of the way when I need to do what I came to do - write. Comes with an excellent forum too.

Keith, if you add new features, can you leave us with a “legacy mode” pref so we can opt out?

I believe the Legacy Mode feature already exists. It’s called not downloading the latest revision. :wink:

Touché 8)

I think Keith’s legacy will be writing a killer app that many writers from novices to those of much esteem and fame, actually use everyday for decades to come!

All I want is a beer dispener, exploding goats, and a button called FINISH BOOK FOR ME. (jk)


SCR is a wonderful program and its progression has been one that has avoided bloat but rather incorporates useful things.

Team Keith if you were on this side of the ocean You would never have to pay fer beer and cheese puffs. :slight_smile:


Way wrong on this feature request.

I think this is called “procreation”. If in need I will send you the daugheditor combo unit that I was granted.

Have you considered teaching programing? I have some candidates for you in the Redmond WA area.

This may be true, but I doubt women would disrobe in public and provide him with undergarments. At least not until he arrived in Portland. There are so many of them here you never know who might be lurking…

I am kinda worried about the “Portland Population Spurt”

It seems that something is going on in Portland that we were not informed of.

Maybe it is the “women disrobing in public and providing with undergarments” is the motivational factor for the mass Exodus to Portland…

Lakes of beer and disrobing women…

Hmmm I might ahve to give U-HAUL a call.


I’ve been using the app for just over a year now, and I cannot bear the thought of using anything else for writing. I’ve even begun using it to write letters (the old–fashioned, send through the post kind).

a big welcome aboard the [i]Good Ship Scrivener[/i]. A word of advice though, beware the deranged vulture hovering above you.

As well as manic pigeons, were plagued with Portlanders( Bilge Rattus Rattus). I was wondering how you keep them under control in [i]The World’s Greatest City of the Arts & Outdoors`[/i] Eugene.

Any advice on the subject will be gratefully recieved. You dont happen to know of any Falconers, whos falcons have a good Kill rate, d`you?
Take care

Dramatic victories committed by predatory birds aside, there is no hope! As has been demonstrated by the posted news article, the modern world is doomed to slowly rot and dissolve under the ever increasing burden of corrosive pigeon dung. Or as Nostradamus put it:

White flash, dark hard rock falling slow
Crumbling beneath winged waste b’low

was that Harry, Sid or Fred Nostradamus :confused:

One time I was drunk and swimming and burped under water.

The song “The decline” was playing on the radio.

I had an epiphany.