Don't get compile options any more

My laptop was stolen, so I installed Scrivener 1. 9.14 on its replacement.

The existing project I retreived from DropBox works fine, but nonew projects will offer me the formatting options when I hit the ‘Compile’ button.

It just jumps straight to the option for file name/lcation and then compiles with obviously no formatting.

Can anyone help?

Are you saying you use the toolbar button, and it blocks you from using the “Format As” drop-down and the blue arrow to the right of it (which expands to the more detailed compile options)?

What happens if you use the menu item File->Compile instead of the button?

Hi - Thanks so much for responding. . From either the toolbar icon or file>compile, I immediately get a popup with ONLY ‘Export or draft your draft for submission…’ and the format as
what I get.PNG/ compile for options. None of the other formatting options.

What happens when you click that blue down arrow to the right of the “Format As” drop down box?

I can’t tell if i feel more stupid or relieved! I’ll go with relieved. Thanks so much. I guess it had been a number of years since I first clicked that open on my old laptop and I never had to, again. Thanks also for not overtly mocking :slight_smile:

No mocking, overtly or covertly! There are enough legacy gotchas in any worthwhile software that’s been around for a while, it’s all good! :slight_smile: