Don't have internet at home right now...

Hello. I’m sure this question has been raised but I’m on my pc at work and time is a bit too limited for me to search for very long. I plan on buying Scrivener 2 as an early Christmas gift (I can’t wait, what can I say?) but have an issue. My Mac is at home and that’s where I do my writing. The problem is I’m without internet access at home right now and the only way I’d be able to download the program and purchase through eSellerate is here at work on the Windows pc.
My question is: can I download and activate the program through my work pc (again- Windows) for my home Mac or do I have to wait until I have internet access at home? i’m not overly familiar with how eSellerate operates and this is the key to my question. Thanks in advance.


This isn’t a problem, although you will need to open it at home and then get an activation code at work. Basically if you haven’t got an internet connection, Scrivener will give you a website URL and code (and you can save those details in a text file automatically so you don’t have to write them down), and then you go to your internet-enabled machine, go to the specified URL and enter the code, follow the instructions, and that will give you an activation code. You then take that back to the machine that doesn’t have internet access, enter it manually, and you’re good to go. So it’s a little more painful than if you have internet access, but it is all set up to handle this situation as long as you have access to a machine with the internet somewhere from where you can get your activation key, which you do.

Thanks for wanting to buy Scrivener!

All the best,