Don't have Serial Number to Register for Scrivener

I downloaded the free trial for Scrivener and then when it was about to expire I went ahead and purchased Scrivener from online. In my confirmation email, I was given a license key and specific instructions to open Scrivener, go to register, and enter my email and license key in the proper places. However, when I opened Scrivener and went to register, instead of asking for my email and license key, it asked for my serial number name and serial number. I did not receive a serial number in the first place however, and I have no clue how to access one. When I clicked on an option for retrieving lost serial number, I was simply resent my original confirmation email that is completely lacking of anything to do with a serial number name or serial number. If anyone has any idea how I could fix this or access my serial number, I would really appreciate the help.

Odd. The last time I had to enter a license, the email had “Serial Number Name:” and my name, followed by “Serial Number:” and a very long sequence that I copied and pasted.

Maybe this is down to their new license provider having different naming standards. I’d try entering your email into the “name” field, and the license number into the serial number field. The worst that can happen is that it rejects it and you have to try something else.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is L&L’s page for retrieving serial numbers, which might not be so useful because you say you have a serial number. :frowning:

That said, the page does contain a link to email L&L directly with your problem.


Oh, one other thing… are you running the absolutely latest version of Scrivener? Version Scrivener 3.1.3 was released on June 26, and includes updated licensing software, as their old license code provider closed up shop. Maybe you’re seeing a disconnect because you’re running the previous release.

That’s the thing to do. If your demo is asking for a “serial name” then it the older version using our previous vendor’s serial number system. The new one will ask for your email. So grab the latest version from this page, install that over the demo you’ve been using, and you should be good to go.

Thank you all so much! I followed the link to download the newest version of Scrivener and it worked! When I opened it to register this time around it asked for my email and license key like it was meant to. Turns out I had downloaded the free trial on June 25th, exactly a day before they switched vendors. Ha!
I’m officially a registered Scrivener user now!

Ha, great timing!

Thanks for supporting Scrivener.