Don't know if it a bug or if I am dumb

When I click annotate or footnote the only thing that happens is that the text gets the appropriate formatting to indicate that it is one of the two. I suspect I should be given an panel of some sort to put in my annotation or footnote text, but I am not. I am really aggravated that I can’t do this.

When you select a bit of text and click the footnote or annotation button you are actually make that selection of text into the respective form of meta-data. It works different from how SG worked in that you select a reference and then comment on the reference. In Scrivener, you type the comment directly into your document, and its location in the document or paragraph becomes its implied reference – or in the case of footnotes, where the pointer[1] will be located. Since the content is displayed right in the document, it would not make sense to have a separate dialogue box for entry, as in SG. Hopefully that make sense of the new behaviour.

Thank you for helping me to wrap my brain around this. It is always simpler than what I think. I got so confused after trying to compare the tutorials from the two versions, that I wanted to abandon use of the application. However, now I think I will use it.

Glad to be of help. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend sticking with the new tutorial and leaving the old one in the museum. There are a lot of very big conceptual differences between SG and S, which could easily become confusing when going back and forth. S is much more “integrated,” where SG is much more “modal.” By that I mean, in SG you would enter a mode to do something, such as the annotation “sub-mode” to type in a comment, or a “storyboard mode” to shuffle cards. In Scrivener, everything is integrated into a single window. You have a Corkboard overlay which operates concurrently on your document. If it is loaded in a split, you can be editing (Composer Mode), and shuffling cards (Storyboard Mode) at the same time.