Don't Know if its a bug or not

I don’t know if this is a bug or not but every time Scrivener auto saves Scrivener stops responding for the time it saves.

You might try changing the autosave interval. There will be a slight pause, even on a fast machine. But if you make the interval longer it’s less likely to happen while you’re actually typing.


I had a longish delay (5-10 seconds) while saving on my netbook (win xp) I extended the savin interval to 30 seconds from 2 and it no longer bothers me.

I did that and it locked up and crashed. It lost everything I’d done during that session because I never paused for more than 2 minutes while working. That was very frustrating. So after that, I put my interval to something smaller to make sure that when I did pause, it saved.

I’m sorry about the lost work! The key for the auto-save, as others suggested, is finding a decent interval–probably for most people just a matter of seconds,1-60–where a short pause in typing just to catch your thought won’t necessarily kick the program into auto-save and delay you, but where sitting back to read the paragraph you just wrote will run the auto-save. You can also manually save at any point, so especially if you’re going to up the auto-save interval, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of doing that–it may cause a slightly delay, as the auto-save, but you’ll be intentionally doing it so that may avoid it being so much of a problem.

That said, Lee is still working to optimize performance so that saving will be as swift as possible. Even on large projects there shouldn’t be a terribly long delay, so between that and finding your magical auto-save interval, you should be able to work without much interruption from the program.