Don't know if this is a bug but...

Every time I go to change the settings in the Project Statistics in the recent release from “Count all documents” to “Count only documents marked for inclusion” it doesn’t save my settings. It will apply changes made to Paperback Page count, but it will not change Selection Statistics Options.

Yeah, that’d be a bug. (And the funny part here is that mine was set on “Count only documents marked for inclusion” and stayed that way until I messed with it enough in testing this that now it refuses to leave “Count all documents”…) It just seems to be that one, too–“Count only documents not marked for inclusion” gets remembered.

Added to the list. Thanks for catching this.

Just bumping this to let Scriv know that I’m using 1.0.1 and this is still an issue. I don’t know if there’s been sufficient time to address this bug, but it’s getting to be annoying.