Don't know if this is normal or not, but...

Here’s where I show my ignorance.

I just realized this and I wonder if it’s something that Scrivener editor always did and I just didn’t see it in early betas, or if my machine is acting funky or something. When I want to edit a sentence in the center of a paragraph, I must place the cursor at the beginning or the end of the paragraph and run it to the point and use the right-left arrow to get it to the point where I wish to type. If I use the up-down arrow, the cursor pops to the opposite end of the paragraph.

Granted, this makes it easier to run down the page, but I want to be able to type in the middle of the paragraph instead of having to use the mouse to precisely place the cursor.

Is this a setting I have inadvertently changed, or is it the way Scrivener’s is supposed to act?

Using beta 1.9.

Does it happen all the time or only after you’ve done something else like used the undo/redo button? It sounds like this bug, but in that case it the up/down arrows work normally to start with. I have the same bug still in 1.9–up/down arrows work fine until I use the “undo” command, and then I get the jump-by-paragraph problem.

Yep, that’s the problem.

I didn’t run into it until the 1.9 beta, although I could have missed it in one of the flurry of beta progression changes over February.
Thanks for setting me straight on this.