Don't limit Filetypes in Import > Research Files as Alias

Hi Keith,

I was happy to find that Scrivener imports Excel files just fine, including multiple sheet support (thanks to Quicklook I imagine). As a scientist I keep my RAW numbers in Excel to export to Matlab etc. so I don’t want my “master” spreadsheet locked in a Scrivener bundle. However if I try to make an alias (Import > Research Files as Alias…) to an Excel file the file selection dialog does not allow me to select the Excel files.

My simple wish is to allow aliasing of more filetypes (or at least some way to override the filetype dialog restriction somehow).

Thanks as always for the most amazing piece of software!!! :beer:

Unfortunately, it really is impossible to add every possible file type to that dialogue. However, you can just create an alias in the Finder and drag the alias into Scrivener’s binder, then delete the alias from the Finder. This will create an alias in Scrivener’s binder to the Excel file or to any other file type.

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I can live with that as a workaround. Would it be possible to enable ⌘⌥+drag to create these generic aliases in the binder without resorting to a 3-step procedure?

Thanks, Ian

Unfortunately not - certain modifier keys already have built-in meanings for dragging and it’s not possible to trap them because of that.
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OK. Here’s another longer shot: I wonder whether Applescript in a future Scrivener could do this – add selection in Finder as alias to research binder?

:bulb: Just to say, the alias to the Excel spreadsheet works perfectly in the binder. 8)

I’m resurfacing this wish list because i still regularly wish I could modifier-drag-n-drop aliases into Scrivener and easily alias Excel and other files where quicklook works fine without the clunky workaround.

A few years after my digitally ancient request another user asked for this and KB said he’d put it on a wishlist:


So the small flicker of hope still burns… :wink:

Here we are in 2020, and I still regularly get this itch wishing I could modifier-drag-n-drop aliases into the Binder. I wish I could either choose the drag-n-drop policy of Scrivener better in Preferences, or that Scrivener could visually inform us of the final mode that will be employed (as the Finder does, using icons to let us know of a move/copy/alias operation when using different modifiers), as a way to overcome KB’s original reluctance due to the range of options a modifier-drag-n-drop may have. In general I think that the principle of least surprise should mean that by default, Scrivener should use the same modifiers Finder does unless there is a really good reason to override them…