DON'T PANIC about the beta 18 expiration date

L&L has never failed to release a new beta before the old one expires.

Just thought I’d post this to preempt anyone worrying about it.

It’s a nice thought, but it won’t work, because the people that will read before posting and see it would have seen all the previous discussions too – and the people who won’t read before posting, well, there’s no help for them.

Actually, I came here today precisely because of those feelings of panic. My first Scriv 3 beta is the most recent one. I appreciate being told it’ll be okay as the first thing I saw on arrival here.

All the little small things help. :slight_smile:

And most importantly, know where your towel is.

Show of hands. Who read the title and immediately heard the Eagles song, “Journey of the Sorcerer?”

You must be the exception that proves the rule. :wink:

Dang nabit I was aiming for a panic attack.

There is especially no reason to panic with b19 already available. :smiley:

Well then, never mind! That means it’s perfectly OK to worry about v20.

Let’s get to it!

BUT… but … I just started on 19 and you’re making me worry about 20…:stuck_out_tongue: