don't want font info in copy / paste -- just plain text

I’m a new user. I found the multimarkdown capabilities built into Scrivener to be a very useful feature when my workflow involves writing for print and my weblog concurrently.

I understand that the editor in Scrivener is wizzywig so I adjusted my preferences to use monospaced fonts to emulate the appearance of a plain text editor.

I’ve just copy / pasted a link from my browser into my current draft and the proportional font information came across too. This is an annoyance and a distraction.

Is there a way to defeat this behaviour? Work around it? Is this the place where I could request a ‘plain text’ (no fancy fonts) editing mode in a near future version of Scrivener? Are there any alternative workflow suggestions to help me avoid this problem while I’m still early in the learning curve?

Finally, I can’t imagine that even folks who are using the visual features of the editor wouldn’t be interested in maintaining consistency between the fonts they’ve chosen for their editing and those they come across while incorporating snippets and quotes for elsewhere.

Thanks for your help. …edN

cmd-V is paste, which carries style information, shift-opt-cmd-V is “paste and match style”, which will simulate your plaintext paste by matching your document’s styles.

I am a MMD user as well, so I know where you’re coming from. I just want to say that Scrivener is not WYSIWYG - but it is rich text. You can have entirely different export styles from what you’re writing in. For example, the default font for composition is Optima, a lovely font for screens; on the export draft screen you can set a font more suited to print. Courier 12pt double-spaced, for example, if you’re printing a manuscript for submission.

In my case, I use Optima to write my MMD text, because it’s easy to read on screen. At export time it’s converted to plain text and sent through MMD and I send it through LaTeX and it turns into a great print font in a PDF.

That variation on CMD-V is a big help. Thanks. Is that a Mac thing that I didn’t know about or is that a Scrivener thing?

Thanks again. …edN

Another trick that I use a lot when working with bulk text is to just not worry about fonts until I am done. Then you can select all of the new documents in the Binder, and in the Document’s menu, use the Convert Formatting feature to reset everything to the default font at once.

But for small things, Cmd-Opt-Shift-V will save a lot of frustration! And yes, it is an informal Mac convention. You will find that not all programs have it available, unfortunately.