Doomsdayer new to the forum asking about apocalypse

A friend gave me Scrivener/Scapple as a gift and I’ve been using it for about a year. I’ve typed a lot of notes into scrivener files. My question is: what if the company goes out of business?

I’m thinking this through as I type and figuring the answer may be obvious, but I’d still like confirmation. Supposing there are never any updates again and all support for the program on my computer is lost to some tragic accident, will I still be able to access the files I’ve saved in this format?

I’m used to the security of bundles of stacks of paper notes. Can someone please reassure me I’m not going to lose everything?

Thank you.

Yes. If you want, you can use Windows Explorer to poke around inside the project folder (projectname.scriv) and see where everything is. Just don’t change anything unless you’re looking at a backup copy.


Thank you very much, that was just the prompt I needed.