Double brackets in txt file = red rounded corner box in Scrivener

I am using the new Sync functionality of the Windows version to edit my chapters’ txt files on a remote Chromebook when I stumbled upon an interesting behavior of Scrivener. In the files I am inserting notes between double brackets ((like this)), and whenever the txt file is resynced in Scrivener’s GUI these text fragments become red and the brackets turn into a rounded frame. It doesn’t affect the txt file at all so I am welcoming this feature as these notes do a good job of being highlighted nicely when working in Scrivener.
However I could not find any documentation on this besides that Scrivener supports multimarkup (in which there is no documentation of double brackets).

  • What other special character combos are there?
  • And can I change the formatting (make the rounded border green?)?


It’s not actually a part of the multimarkdown elements – it’s a special feature of Scrivener and it’s a great example of how the program meets writers’ needs.

The red text in a rounded bracket highlight is a standard feature of Scrivener call Inline Annotations – it’s available on all Scrivener documents, as an alternative to Inspector Comments.

When you import plain text, then it automatically converts text in (( )). It also converts text in {{ }} to Inline Footnotes.

Both of these work the other way too. If you select text in Scrivener and choose Format > Inline Annotation, then when you sync the file, it will enclose the text in (( )) (and Inline Footnotes to {{ }}. NB, as far as I know, it only works with Inline Annotation and Footnotes, not with the Inspector version. There’s a command which converts between the two types if you want.

There’s a setting somewhere in Preferences (I’m on a Mac, so I can’t tell you exactly where on Windows, I’m afraid – perhaps on Import/Export) which allows you to turn this conversion off.

You can change the colour, but I’m not sure how on Windows – have a look at Inline Annotations in the manual.