Double checking on Scriv 3/OS compatibility

Somewhere recently I saw that Scriv 3 should probably not be installed on a machine older than 8 years. I think mine is 9 or 10 years. At the same time the specs on here say that it can go back to Sierra. I am running 10.12.6, professionally installed. So…? Should I roll back to Scriv 2.something or be happy with 3? Thanks. Got spooked by a disappearing file (which I found); don’t want to push my luck.

I’m not a techie, but I’d say if it works, it works. But be sensible. Use a subscription backup service like Backblaze, which will keep a copy of your hard drive “off site”. That means if your hard drive fails, or the computer stops, there is a copy in the cloud waiting for you. Don’t rely on backups on the computer’s hard drive, and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that Dropbox is a good backup. It isn’t. And use Time Machine for another level of backup. I keep three different backups made three different ways of my whole hard drive. The older a computer is, the closer it is to failing because of wear and tear.

Scrivener 3 is supported for use with Mac OS 10.12 and newer.

It’s impossible to say what might have happened to your file without more information, but it wasn’t a compatibility issue. Scrivener 3 will flat refuse to run on unsupported Mac OS versions.


Thank very much, both of you!