Double-click in corkboard opens document

This seems like an intuitive behavior for icon-based GUIs. Often in my research folder I have folders of images (pdfs, jpegs, etc.), and I usually have the corkboard open so I can see thumbnails of the images. Forgive me if I’ve overlooked a preference or some hotkey, but wouldn’t it be nice to just double-click on the thumbnail to access/edit the image directly?

As it stands now, a double-click does nothing for images, but allows you to edit the synopsis for text files. Perhaps a command-double click could bring up the image/text in the window. I could also see an option-command double-click populating the other window with the desired text/image.

Double-click on the icon in the index card. There are also keyboard shortcuts available to achieve all that you want - see the View menu.

So obvious, I overlooked it! Thanks for your help, Keith. I’m so impressed with how much thought you’ve put into your program.