Double click index card to open correspoding file in editor

Using now Scrivener 3 and looooove it!
Still there is a feature I am missing, as this is what I do intuitively: I always double click index cards to open the corresponding text/scene/chapter, but it only lets me edit the synopsis. Then I have to scroll through the search bar to manually look for the same scene.
Is there a way to define a double-click for “open in editor”?
Or did I overlook a setting or shortcut? If so, I apologuize in advance.

Salut Vianne-Sophie
Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Double click the icon.

You can also go about it like this:

Split you editor in two.

At the bottom of the one editor you want to display the cards, toggle this:

Selecting cards in this one editor will now automatically display the corresponding document in the other editor.

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Thank you!
That helps with what we Germans call DAU problems - Dümmster Anzunehmender User = dumbest estimated user problem. In other words. that was too easy.
Thaaaaaank you! :laughing: