Double click on folder in binder locks up Scriv[ADDRESSED]

My Windows habit of “double-clicking” folders to open them seems to be causing Scrivener to go into “not responding” mode and not recover

I’ve attached a backup of the file on which the following keeps putting Scrivener into “not responding” mode.

  1. Double-click on the “Characters” folder in the Binder.
  2. Scrivener doesn’t do anything
  3. Try to click on anything else in the binder - no response, then sleeper displays and scrivener shortly shows “not responding” in title bar.
  4. Closing program by clicking x on right of title bar is necessary, then clicking “cancel” in the "finding a solution message window.

Oddly, double-clicking the “Manuscript” or “Research” folders does NOT lock Scrivener up, it just opens the corkboard and leaves me in edit mode on the Manuscript or Research folder title.

Using Scrivener update posted yesterday
Windows 7 64 bit

TTT Test [28_10_10_8_07_PM].zip (334 KB)

This is strange, I haven’t had anything similar happen with any of my current projects. It’s like your Character folder itself is glitched. In fact on my computer it won’t even allow me to TOUCH your Character file without Scrivener crashing…

That’s interesting, Mightygitis. I did have a crash of the first Scrivener for Windows when trying to move files from the Manuscript folder to the Character folder.

Once the RTF import is fixed, I’ll try deleting the character folder and importing again from my RTF file.


Aha! With your observation, I started doing some detective work and it turns out I had 1 presumably corrupt text file in that folder that was causing all the problems. I’m including the details of how I got rid of the lockups just in case someone else has this problem and needs to fix their project file.

  1. Wasn’t able to delete my Character folder. The only thing I could do to it is click on the Expand arrow, but can’t delete it.

  2. I tried creating a new project, and copying my Manuscript folder contents, but right-click/copy isn’t enabled on selections in the binder. I tried, dragging items from the manuscript folder from the gibbled project to the new project’s manuscript folder - this seemed to work as I was doing it, i.e. the display showed me location for the paste and I “dropped” the folders but nothing happened.

  3. I made a new folder TTTCharacters, opened Characters with the down arrow (the only way to get into it), and moved one file from Characters to TTTCharacters. That worked. Tried moving the second one and Scrivener locked up.

  4. After much fiddling, and several reboots of Scrivener, I discovered that I could move all but 1 character file into the new TTTCharacters. Touching the “Murray Henderson” text file locked Scrivener.

  5. Closed Scrivener (again) and went poking through the Docs files in the project folders using Windows file explorer. Located the file with Murray’s character data (it was #99, of course LOL). Copied the text from Explorer’s preview window - hadn’t realized one could copy from the preview window, so at least I learned something from all this. Pasted it into a new Text file in the new TTTCharacters folder. The new text had lost all formatting but at least the info was there.

  6. Opened the project in Scrivener. Characters folder now showed 1 file for Murray Henderson. When I clicked on it Scrivener didn’t crash, and the folder was blank.

  7. Moved all character files from TTTCharacters back to Characters folder

  8. Characters folder now behaves normally. No more lockups.

Thanks for taking a look at this file and giving me the information I needed to track this down.