Double Clicking a Word

I hope you will implement double-clicking of a word such that it selects the word and the following space. Without that, you cannot simply double click a word and delete it without leaving two spaces.

But also, it makes double clicking and moving a word impractical. That’s something I find myself wanting to do frequently.

In addition, when you double click a word next to quote marks, please tell Scrivener not to select the quote marks.



I noticed that with straight quotes, the quote isn’t included, but with smart quotes, it is.

“She she now knows that it is easy.”

Imagine you want to change that to “She knows now that it is easy.” To do that in, for example, the editor used for this forum, I double click on “she,” press the delete key then double click on “now” and drag it to the new position.

Doing that in Scrivener is more complicated and tedious.

I know I’ve brought this up before, but the sentence above shows why it’s important, and can be used as a litmus test for checking any changes.