Double-clicking empty space in the corkboard

When you double-click in an empty space on the corkboard, you get shown a corkboard of the level above. Except, that is, when you are looking at a corkboard of the contents of a top level folder. In this case, nothing happens when you double-click. Instead of this behaviour, I’d like the program to show me a corkboard of the entire project.

But what happens when you double-click that corkboard, does is show your computer? :wink:

There aren’t any plans to show the project binder itself on the Corkboard or Outliner. For one thing some of the entries would not have much to say about themselves in that context. The Trash folder for example has no index card, no meta-data, so it would make for an odd looking thing in the Corkboard or Outliner.

Can’t it be a Scapple of what’s inside my head?

Scapples all the way down!