Double Connection


How do you create two connection lines between two note/bubble? I’m trying to brainstorm interpersonal relationships and it’d be very helpful if I could generate multiple lines that’d describe their relationships deeper.

Also, how do you arrange notes/bubbles so they’re in perfect alignment/angles?

You might want to check out the Quick Start Guide from the Help menu, if you haven’t already. It goes over these questions as well as a few other things that may help you out.

To double-arrow connect, drag and drop one item onto the other with the Shift and Command keys held down.

For formatting, again there are some tips under Formatting and Arrangement, in Quick Start. Otherwise you’ll find all of the options (such as the Notes ▸ Align ▸ submenu) fully documented in the user manual PDF, under §4.2.10, Aligning Notes.

Sorry for the late reply, I thought I’d receive a notification in mail. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the answer I was asking for. When I said “double” I meant TWO lines connecting two objects. For example, Joe like Emily, but Emily hates Joe, the arrow Joe has pointing towards Emily would be affect while Emily’s arrow pointing at Joe would be disgust.

Okay, you mean adding an arbitrary number of connections between two notes? That isn’t something Scapple does; I would try another way of expressing the kind of thing you’re looking to say, with complex relationships between notes.

It’s worth noting that the green circle that represents mutual opinion of one another is a background shape, sized to be as small as it can be. You could also use regular notes instead of “dots”, if you wanted to describe the type of relationship marker. Using simple dots keeps things cleaner if you have a lot of these, though.

The nice thing about this method is that, if needed, you can supply additional details between them, as demonstrated with the yellow dot—or even describe more complicated relationships between multiple people.

Thank you for your reply. Your suggestion is indeed workable, and offers greater variety between two people. However, as you pointed out the extra dots gets complicated as number of characters/variables increases, compare to, say, being able to simply add extra lines/arrows between characters directly. It’s a function included in other apps I use, will Scrapple eventually have such feature too?

I wouldn’t expect so, given how its connections are stored internally, sorry to say. It would likely take redesigning those aspects entirely, necessitating a format upgrade that would make newer files not possible to open with older versions.