Double HELP menus in 1.01

The latest version of Scrivener 1.01 has two help menus. The first is the “normal” Help with Scriverner Help, Literature & Latte Home, Scriverner Home, User Forums, Purchase Scrivener. The second only includes Scrivener Help.


Uh… not on my copy it doesn’t! Very strange! Has anybody else seen this? Is this happening to any other programs you use?

Nor my copy. I have seen this sort of thing before --with other programs–and a restart fixed it.

Here neither. All normal and singular, is my help menu.

I’ve seen this and I think, at least in my case, that it’s related to HotService, if you’re using that. Seems harmless.

My copy, of this most wonderful program, does not have the double Help menu, so mine also appears to be right.

Sorry it took awhile to reply. The double menus do still show after a restart. I am not running any haxies, or hot service. Interestingly, Scrivener 1.0 does not include the extra menu, only when I open 1.01. I checked the console and could not see any errors.

I would be happy to send a screen shot if that helps.