Double hypen to em-dash


For some reason and only occasionally, Scrivener will not replace double hypens to em-dash. I can’t figure out a pattern but at some point I just ignored it (even though it was quite frustrating) but I am now revising my novel and finding it equally frustrating to have to delete and retype double hyphens followed by a character to get an em-dash (assuming auto correct is working at the moment).

Is there some other way to convert double hyphens to em-dashes similar to the Options in the Format-Convert menu?

I guess I could do a Find and Replace…

Find and replace for old double hyphens.

Option shift hyphen is easy for future em dashes.

I’ve noticed this myself - Scrivener uses the OS X text engine’s “substitutions” feature for this, and it seems to be a problem there (it happens in TextEdit, too). I usually just backspace and do it again.

But if you want to change the post-hoc, then using Project Replace is the easiest, which applies to the entire project.

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LOL… It seems to happens with every single text editor that I have used since macintosh & windows3.1… the iPhone does it too.
I thought that was something we all had to live with… :laughing:

That’s a nifty shortcut.

I think I’ll just take KB’s advice and wait until I’m “done” and do a Project Replace.

Become instinctive after a short time…

hyphen = hyphen -
alt hyphen = en dash –
alt shift hyphen = em dash —
alt semicolon = ellipsis …

Cool, thanks.