Double Paragraphs

In drafting my writings I use a double return between paragraphs (so that there’s two paragraph symbols between each chunk of text). Is there any way in Windows to Find and Replace the paragraph symbols?

At the present time there is not. You will need to clean this up in Word after you have compiled. We would like to make an intuitive and easy way of doing this—perhaps with a little drop-down menu for inserting special characters like carriage returns and tabs, but it will require a little more work to put all of that together. Just know that it is on our list of things to do!

I don’t suppose there’s a way to do this in the Compile Substitutions list?

What I did was paste the entire work into OpenOffice and used the replace-all function with *S (I think this is it, it’s been a while) to get rid of the spaces.

Using Replacements in the compiler doesn’t work when I try it. I copy and pasted some carriage returns from an editor into the Replacements fields but they failed to find what they should have. They should accept whitepsace as a search parameter, so that might be a bug.

It would be useful to be able to do this in order to generate ebook output. Not sure it’s a bug though. (If it is, I’ll let somebody else raise it - I’m starting to feel like a spammer on that forum!)

In Word, just search and replace ^p


Keep in mind that you can adjust paragraph spacing so that one return keystroke looks like two. Or one, or 1.5. You don’t have to add vertical space manually, and you can even make the output look different in the compile settings so that you can have your editor look the way you like without regard to the output formatting. I know, it’s a bit late now that you’re ready to compile, but it’s a habit worth breaking, since all word processors these days have this kind of thing built in. Much like putting two spaces after a terminal punctuation mark; most fonts make that unnecessary too.

I would really, really love you to explain how to do that in Windows :slight_smile: . It is the only quibble I have with the whole Scrivener package. As far as I can tell this seems to be a Mac only feature and I would love to be proved wrong as it continues to drive me quietly mad.

The Windows version has always been able to do this. :slight_smile: Use the Format/Text/Spacing... menu command (also found at the bottom of the line-height menu in the Format Bar), and add a value to “Spacing: After:”.

Thank you very much :smiley: . I can’t tell you how much I appreciate learning that. It seems foolish but that was the one thing that made Scrivener not completely perfect for me. Now it is.

You should go to Tools->Options->Editor and adjust the paragraph spacing there for all new documents that you create in the binder, so that you don’t have to adjust this every time.

Thank you very much, I will.