Double Quotation Marks

Since I have just started using Scrivener, the answer to the query may be obvious. But a search and brief experimentation so far as not yielded it. (Since I am using the Windows version, and the postings I found seem generally to be for the Mac, this could be part of the problem.)
As my composing to date has been in Open Office, I wanted to first confirm the mechanics for the following: (1) Footnotes; (2) Em-Dash; and (3) Double Quotation Marks. While #(1) may take some experimentation, I think I know where to look and experiment. Alt+0151 seems to work fine, so #(2) seems solved.
However, I prefer the Left and Right Double Quotation Marks yielded by U+201C and U+201D rather than either Straight Quotes or Smart Quotes. Is there a way to access them or create a Keyboard Shortcut for them? (I know the latter would require finding some combination not already used, but I don’t even see a way to create a shortcut.)
I realize I could go to the Character Map, but this seems awfully laborious. Any better suggestions?

Since my posting I have discovered the Tools->Options->Corrections page, and:

  • both noted the check box for an Em-Dash and the Edit Substitutions button (I have the double
    hyphen in both but not sure which one is doing the work; it any event it works)
  • noted the drop down boxes for “Use smart quotes” (I also created a combination in Edit
    Substitutions for the double quotes but haven’t got it to work yet.)

The drop down boxes for “Use smart quotes” may solve the problem but my old eyes can’t easily read the differences in the options. Any suggestions for which one I want?