Double Save

My auto-save is backed off to 3 mins, I tend to prefer manual saves.
My Scrivener backup is switched off.

Instead, my save/backup strategy is slightly unusual as I use Versomatic, even though the code is no longer developed (and a bit buggy - I strip out the DB once a month), I swear by it:

What I’ve noticed on a manual save is that the scriv file is saved to disc twice, one second apart. Naturally, Versomatic picks this up. I’m trying to keep my Versomatic versions to less than 1000 per disc file as beyond that it’s difficult to manage and problematic.

Any ideas why Scrivener does a double save, 1 second apart?


I’m not entirely sure what the cause is, but when you manually save, more data gets written to disk (remember that a Scrivener file is actually a folder of files), so if you have a big project, it may take a second or more for all the files to be written to disk. Therefore it may just be one of the constituent files taking a second longer than the rest of the files. I just tested the save code though and it doesn’t save the whole project twice.

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Well I’m not sure what’s happening either. Versomatic doesn’t seem able to backup the RTF files within the scriv package, so I’ve had to track the scriv “file” instead. The double save doesn’t always happen though.

Scrivener 01_01.png

The double saves @ 15:40, 20:38, 20:44 are manual.
The saves @ 21:11 and 21:21 are auto-saves.

Think I’ve got that right. Puzzling, a disc space gobbler for large projects. I suspect I’ll add numeric suffixes to my Scrivener projects: start of day a new file, thus a new Versomatic “stream”.

Not an earth shattering bug, just thought you’d like to know about it.

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