Double spaces and double periods?!


I have a problem with Scrivener that it gives me double spaces and double periods when I write. I am interested in the program and I wanted to test it but since there is this problem I can’t use it. What can be wrong?

IMac Intel Core 2 Duo
MacOS X 10.4.9 Swedish

Thanks in advance,


?? Bizarre. I have no idea about this one, sorry. When this happens, try opening to see if any errors are getting written out. But this just happens with periods and spaces? And only in Scrivener? Maybe try playing with the Typography Preferences to see if it is interfering with anything. Very strange.

I have the same problem in Textredigerare, which is the text handler in Mac OS X. If I understand things correctly Scrivener uses code from that program?! Is there another software doing this or from where can it come? Where can I start looking?


Have you looked to see if you’ve got a keyboard problem, sticky switches on the full-stop and space-bar. I’d suggest trying a different keyboard to see if that helps. I suggest this 'cos I suddenly had a similar kind of problem with a mouse that started sending double-clicks all the time.
What sort of Mac are you using and what is your keyboard if it’s not a PowerBook/iBook/MacBook/MacBook Pro? What version of the OS?
I suppose the other thing to ask is do you have any haxies installed? As they are low-level system hacks they can throw up all sorts of weird problems.

I tested TextEdit and Scrivener in an other account and then all went well. There is some strange thing in my normal account which gives this strange behaviour. Since I did some software installation I have problems with TextMate also. But not the same problems. I don’t remember when the problems started but it might have been when I installed Shapeshifter. I do not use it though. Could that be the problem with double characters in Scrivener?

Imac intel core 2 duo
Mac OS X 10.4.9 swedish


I believe Shapeshifter is a haxie and I would immediately suspect it. If you don’t use it, just get rid of it, or turn it off in autoload first if you can to see if that changes things. Since you don’t have a problem in an account which it is not loading (presumably), it sounds very much like the root of the problem.

You may want to contact Unsanity and see if they have any ideas about it.

FWIW, the DevonThink folks have traced so much weird behavior to Shapeshifter that they basically won’t support a system that has it installed.