double spacing

Sorry for such a basic question. I’ve got a document that that I would like to export as double spaced. It is currently single spaced. I’m fine with exporting to PDF or RTF, whatever works. I know it’s in here, but these little things are very difficult to find in scrivener, too many options in ways I’m not familiar with.

Any help much appreciated.

Instead of “export,” use “Compile,” the icon on the left with the blue arrow. That will open a wide range of options, most self-explanatory. To begin with, click on “Formatting” then on the Latin sample text; that will enable the ruler, where you can set spacing, font, etc. When you’ve formatted it, click on the “Compile for” selector at the bottom, which will open an export page for you.

For details, open the Scrivener manual from the Help menu, and click on “Final Phases.” There’s a whole section on “Compiling the Draft.”

Sound complex, but it’s really pretty easy once you get into it.


Wow, I saw that, but that area was disabled so I thought I couldn’t make use of it. But you have to put the focus there (click on it) to enable it, that’s messed up.

Thanks for that info.

Sorry, what’s “messed up”? I don’t follow. If there is grey text in the blue area, that indicates you can’t override that particular text because “Override text and notes formatting” isn’t turned on.