Doubleclicking to write on notecards...

Probably this is a result of me being an extreme n00b than anything, but it actually took me a little bit to figure out why I couldn’t write on the synopsis notecards: you had to double click them to have the cursor come up. Fail is an understatement.

But, is there…some way that people can be told about this in case they’re sitting there single clicking it and wondering why it isn’t working for at least as long as I had? Not that people couldn’t figure it out sooner or later, but it just seemed like it was something a little unintuitive that I thought I could point out.

I think the tutorial does goes go over editing synopsis cards, and double-clicking to edit them. I could be wrong about that though, it’s been a month and some change since I’ve gone through it.

I didn’t watch the 30-50 min tutorial, but I did the 10 min tutorial video. Since it’s a video capture of the screen, it doesn’t show you that you have to double click and the narrator doesn’t mention it. Otherwise I would have caught it x_x It looked like you just had to single click.

Oh, sorry, I meant the interactive tutorial project that goes through most of Scrivener’s main features in a point by point fashion. You can find it in the Help menu if you haven’t already explored it.