Doubts when working with images

Hi everyone, I’ve done some search but didn’t find a question, hope I didn’t miss it.
I’ve been writting with Scrivener for more than a year (I think it really is the best writting app, congratulations to the staff), but a couple of months ago I started writting for a web; how-to’s and similar stuff. The point is that now I need to include images in my texts.

My first doubt: I’ve read in the manual (Scrivener 2.0, page 135) that you can link images and Scrivener will replace the link with the last version of the image in cache, but I can’t get this done; all I get is the text underlined just as it looks in the draft. Anyone can help? Am I missunderstanding anything?

My second doubt is a consecuence of the first one. As that didn’t work, I just dragged and dropped the images into the text, but when compiling the format changes. Scrivener leaves a hugh amount of white space before the image, even if I have set the line height to 0 before and after it.

Hope you can help me so I can get the most of this wonderfull app.

Thanks from Spain,

Hi David,

Thanks for the kind words.

This is an issue with the OS X text system, whereby 1.5 line spacing will make lines with images on them 1.5 x the height of the image. The fix is to ensure images are always set to 1.0 line spacing, but obviously when you have compile set up to override the text format (which is entirely optional of course) then the line spacing gets added regardless. This is fixed for the next update - in the next update images will automatically retain whatever formatting you have given them in the editor - but for now you can work around it by selecting the image (not just clicking on it but drag-selecting as though you were selecting a range of text) and then going to Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting. Text with “Preserve Formatting” applied ignores the compile formatting.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks, I guess I missunderstood it. That worked, thanks!