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Please add functionality for the down arrow to act as “end” when navigating a document once it reaches the last populated line. If i were to put my cursor in the middle of the word “funcitonality” in the first sentence and click down, I would want the cursor to move first to the most direct position in the line underneath it and once it reaches the last line of this paragraph, I want it to be sent all the way to the right. I use the Scrivener 3 beta, incase that’s functionality that is already in 1.0 and just has been forgotten. |

Please forgive this little bit of thread necromancy, as I too have wanted this for some time in 1.9, and now after 3.0’s release it still is not there. This is something that can be found in every other Windows text editor I have ever used, and so it baffles me that it is absent from Scrivener. It is an especially handy QoL feature when one is using a laptop, and the ‘End’ function is an Fn function instead of having it’s own dedicated button. Similarly, the Up Arrow should act like the Home key when the cursor is present on the top-most line of text in the editor.