Downgrading project from v3 to v2 Post-Beta

I was out of town when the beta ended before I could convert my project back to v2. Is there a tool version available to downgrade my project back to v2?

Let me know, Thanks!

P.S. beta looked good. Only issue I found (can’t add spelling that includes ‘é’ to dictionary) appears to have been spotted by others earlier, et al. Looking forward to release (but would like to continue working on my novel until then)!

Beta 11 ended, but you can download Beta 12.


As far as I know, there is no way to downgrade from beta to Win 1.9, other than copy and pasting documents from beta project to 1.9 project.

Mac Scrivener 3 can convert back to the old format.

You shouldn’t be using the beta for critical work, but if you do have work stuck in Scriv 3 format and need to back convert you might send a note to the tech support folks.

Note that tech support is currently on vacation; please be patient.


Thanks JimRac / kewms. I’ll work in the next beta release for now and shoot the techs an email after the holidays are done. Luckily none of it is critical, just my weekend hobbycraft.

Happy New Year