Download 1.5 - sorry - stupid question alert!


This is going to sound fairly dumb but I’ll ask it anyway. I received the mail re: the 1.5 update, and the ‘download and reinstall’ sounded like the best option. So I followed the links back to the site, but being a bear of very little brain, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be clicking on…

Is it the ‘30 day free trial’ button?
Is it the ‘Buy now $39.95’ button?
Is is some other secret ‘Downoad update’ button?

I’ve got my registration key from the original purchase - I just don’t want to click the trial button and find Scrivener unusable in a month, or the ‘buy’ button and end up getting charged again!

Clarification for the cloth-headed gratefully received!



Yes, the ‘30-day Trial’ button goes to the download page. The demo and the full version are one and the same, it’s the serial number that sets them apart, so technically if you install the “demo” your already existing serial number will make it a full version.

Thanks AmberV - much appreciated!