Download and install issue

Okay, so I’m interested in seeing what this software is all about, but the MAC neophyte in me is preventing me from installing the 30-day trial. I thought I solved the .dmg file issue when I downloaded the Interlok Extension program and “signed” that license… but even that now has me befuddled. I go through that process and I think I’m getting there… but nothing happens when I try and click on the downloaded .dmg file (which, I suppose, I’m not even sure I’ve fully downloaded).

I run an iBook G4, OS version 10.4.11. I’m pretty hopeless with some of this technical stuff, so any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, I don’t know what the Interlok Extension program is, but you certainly don’t need anything extra to run a .dmg file. A .dmg is just a “Disk iMaGe” file. When you double-click on it in the Finder, it launch as a volume - you should see it in the left-hand bar of the Finder, towards the top once you’ve launched it, along with your hard disk etc. The window will have a corkboard background and three icons on it. Then all you need to do is drag the Scrivener icon to your Applications folder, then double-click on it inside the Applications folder to launch it.
Hope that helps - thanks for your interest!

Interlok Extension is an application for verifying the legality of an application. It is used by companies like Digidesign in conjunction with the iLok security key for applications like Pro Tools. I use PT myself, but I never had any problems with installing Scrivener on the same machine.
I recommend a clean install of OSX, that’s what I recommend to do every 6 or 7 months anyways. I know most people only do this with windows, but I think its a great way to get rid of old files etc…

Slight troll here…

Are you nuts? The whole point of *nix is that you should not need to do this. As a tech head I know of no one who follows this philosophy for ANY OS. Instead we use administrative concepts and techniques that prevent extraneous files. Such as:
• If you really want a “keep it clean” method consider using a non privileged account for day to day things.
• Don’t install every one of the latest fads. Do you really need 45 share/free ware progies to edit files? Use ONE.
• Use a “install tracker” tool to manage apps. I personally like AppTrapp. It manages all those ugly files.
• Think before you do. I have a piece of paper (a post it right here at work) with your prioritized computer uses on it. Mine says “Music; VM; Scriv”. If a progie or task does not line up with your priorities DONT TO IT.

For the record I have 6 boot disks (3 disks, separate slices). Why? because in following my last point I need to have OSX optimized for some tasks. Example: I don’t want my Tascam drivers loaded on my VM focused OS. Not a single one of these has been rebuilt from scratch.

Done. Sorry if this post comes across wrong. There really is no need for folks to be this kind of paranoid about their systems. They work for us, not the other way around. Unless you are vic-k. Then the systems are out to get you.

…words spoken in jest!..words spo… :open_mouth: