Download dictionary crashes Scrivener

Running Windows 7/Home on laptop: Scrivener 2.3

Select Edit/Options/Auto-Correction/Dictionary – choose ‘download’ to select foreign language dictionary (even if you don’t pick one) and presentation goes milky-white and freezes.

Try to close the pop-up window and the message informs me that Scrivener has, indeed, crashed and would I like to go online for help, or simply quit. ‘Going online’ does busy-work, then closes program anyway.

Hi all,
I can confirm this error with a Windows 7 64bit notebook setting. Trying to download additional dictionaries hangs Scrivener beta 2.3, and it becomes unresponsive.


Thanks - I have confirmed this too; it’s a known issue and Lee is aware of it, so it will be fixed for release.
Thanks again,


In WinXP it doesn’t crash after downloading. Nothing is happening. I was waiting for something like “restart/restart later”. Then I closed the download window and everything worked fine. No crash.

Can’t wait to buy this great writing software :smiley: