Download file "cannot be downloaded securely", Chrome

not sure if this is a known case but if I try to download the Beta on Chrome the message pops up “cannot be downloaded securely”. I have the choice to still keep the file (and it downloads in Firefox without problems) but you may want to address this. I don’t think it’s good practice to teach laymen to ignore safety warnings from their PC/Browsers.

That sounds more like a browser security setting problem than an L&L issue. If you hover over the download link, you’ll see that they are using an HTTPS connection.

It appears to be a combination of HTTPS and HTTP:

https : // ? url = http ://

The immediate link that you click on (to the PHP downloader page) is HTTPS. The URL that it retrieves is HTTP. Chrome is classifying this as a “mixed download”, which means that while the initial page is insecure, at some point it believes the download switches to HTTP. I don’t know if this is actually the case without running a net capture.

The relevant article from the Chromium Blog

It looks like L&L might be able to make a simple adjustment to keep users from running into this issue. There is also the possibility that Chrome might be incorrectly classifying this and there is a bug that needs to be fixed.

At any rate, users should never blindly 100% trust the warnings and messages from their browsers exactly the same way they should never blindly click on any links. Those warnings can be faked. There is no substitute for user education. Google, Apple, and other tech companies have been increasingly guilty of making unilateral decisions on what “secure” behavior “should” be and impose a lot of cost and chaos on businesses downstream.