Download file for 3.1.5 is corrupt and will not install: Can you fix corrupted file?

Because of the Scrivener 3.2 crashing issues, I’m trying to roll back to the previous version, which is 3.1.5. When I download the last version (3.1.5) from the website ( … s?os=macOS) the file is corrupt and will not install. I have tried this numerous times last night and and this morning. At least one other user reported the same issue in the forum.

These leaves me without Scrivener at this time and I am unable to work. Is there a mirror download site? Or can you fix the corrupted file at the current download link? I have also tried to download the latest version but I only get the faulty 3.2 version.

Mac Powerbook Pro (2017) with Catalina 10.15.7 (19H15). No other issues with any other software or OS system.

Thanks much in advance,

Everything seems to be okay with the download on my end (I’m using 10.14, I don’t think that should make much difference). Although I had a copy from yesterday downloaded, I just tried again using a browser to double-check, and it unzips correctly. I renamed it to “”, moved it to /Applications, and launched it from there successfully. The renaming part shouldn’t make a difference—but obviously I didn’t want to overwrite the main version.

I’d suggestion flushing your browser cache to make sure you are fully downloading it, maybe even us another browser, and see if that works better.

What is meant by “corrupted and will not install”, by the way?

I have the same problem. I need to downgrade to 3.1.5 because 3.2’s Compile dialog won’t come up. But I get the exact same error when reinstalling Scrivener from the 3.1.5 download. Anyone else have any idea how to solve this?

I’m having the exact two problems–3.2 won’t open the compile dialog and I can’t roll back to the older version because file says it’s corrupted.

3.2.1 is now available via our site and has been submitted to the App Store. If you bought from us, please go to Scrivener > Check for Updates to grab the fix!

I reported this a few days ago here:

Downloaded, installed, and seems to be working. Thanks very much.