download & installation- .exe file won't run

First of all, let me say that I’m primarily a Mac user but purchased scrivener for my writing projects related to work. So, I’m not a happy PC user to say the least and can’t find anything (such a MAC girl). I have downloaded the .exe file. But I can’t get it to run. When I click on it, the computer prompts me to open it with word or some other stupid tex program. I’ve tried the RUN --> then browse to select the file, but the .exe file for scrivener won’t show up for me to run. According to instructions, I’m supposed to double click on it and follow instructions on the screen, but this isn’t working. How do I get it to run? I hate PCs. :slight_smile:

Obvious question: did you download the Windows version?

I am not trying to insult your intelligence, but sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s what, especially if one is distracted and has a ton of things to attend to.