Download Link for latest Scrivener for Windows 3 Beta? AND questions on Beta

On Windows 10, can I install Scrivener 3 beta 8 concurrently with my existing Scrivener 1.9.8 ?

I want to continue using the stable 1.9.8 AND want to concurrently use the Scrivener 3 beta. Some questions — please reply with full details.

#1. How to install so I can have both functional and use separate document files (as I assume the new documents created under v3 beta are not backwards compatible)? I already have v1.9.8 installed and working. Is it just a matter of specifying a different folder for the installation? From the forum, I see that I might have to create my own shortcut links to the old Scrivener 1.9.8 to be able to start it. Am I on the right track?

#2. Can I have both v1.9.8 AND Scrivener v3 Beta 8 running at the same time? Or, do I have to use one-or-the-other?

#3. My main reason for installing v3 Beta 8 is that I need to have better control and quicker ability to format selected text. Is this feature solid enough in v3 Beta 8?

When upgrading to the next v3 Beta (say Beta 9, 10 …) is it just a matter of running the new installer and it overwrites the installed Beta version? Or, do I have to uninstall the previous installed Beta?

#5. I’ve been looking for the download link for Scrivener v3 Beta 8 but have yet to find it. Can you please reply with a direct link?

Thank you.

Yes. I have both. One folder is designated Scrivener Beta 3.0 while I have the other is Scrivener 1.9. I ensure that folders are clearly marked so not to place one set of work in the other.

Also you can have both up an running.

Here is the link to the thread. … 57&t=40621

It is always at the top of the windows beta forum.