Download Scrivener to a new machine

I am running Scrivener 2.7 (26106) on an iMac and wish to download / transfer / move / copy the programme to a new Mac Book. Unfortunately I can’t find details of my licence. How can I start working on the new machine.

(I have also bought Scrivener for iPad but this is not syncing properly so I just want to use the programme as a stand-alone on a new laptop).

I look forward to your help.

Geoffrey Smith

You should be able to use Scrivener in trial mode for 30 days.

And then this should help to recover your licence info: … et-it-back

And getting it to sync between Mac and iPad or iPhone is super easy. You just have to tell iOS Scrivener where to look and it will simply download your projects.

Thank you both.

I’ll try again with the sync problem on iOS - although last time I tried it synced only one way - Mac to iPad

In that case you probably didn’t have the latest version of Scrivener on your Mac.