download trouble

I tried to download the trial version, but had no success. You should know that I am a mac newbie and I am still learning this new 'verse. I downloaded it okay and got the corkboard with the read me file and the Scrivener icon. It said to drag the icon into my applications folder, which I did. It copied files, but when I try to open scrivener, I get nothing. The icon goes into my tool bar at the bottom of the screen, but it doesn’t open.

Help! I really want to try this software, because I dislike MS Word and am trying to find an alternative.

Thank you,


Once you get to the point you describe (i.e., after double-clicking the Scrivener icon in the Applications folder), you should see the word “Scrivener” to the right of the blue apple icon on the menu bar. To the right of that, click File, then New Project. It’s been noted that Scrivener would benefit from some kind of welcome screen, and I feel like I remember Keith saying it would have one at some point.

Keith, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, you’re right. I found it. I’m not used to that menu bar a the top changing with each program. I had minimized my safari but its menu was still up, so I didn’t see Scrivener.

Thanks for the help.

klchatel, if you’re completely new to the mac, I recommend taking the tour that comes with it. There are a number of ways in which it differs from Windows, and they can be confusing!

One which you’ve encountered is that in the Mac OS, an application doesn’t have to have any windows in order to keep running. In Windows, when you close the last application window, the application shuts down. In the mac, it’s still running, just with no windows; you have to specifically quit the program. Similarly, just because you’ve minimized the last application window doesn’t mean the program loses the “focus”. Fortunately it’s easy to tell which program has focus - its name is in the menu at the top left, beside the apple icon.

And speaking of that menu at the top, the different application windows don’t all duplicate the menu within their borders. It’s nice, for one thing because the menu items are a much bigger target because they’re stuck to the top of the screen. Just slam your mouse all the way up and you can hit the menu items.

The switch takes a bit of getting used to, since most of your existing habits won’t match the new environment, but it’s a good system for the most part. I’m certainly glad I switched :slight_smile:

Heya. I’ve got to the same stage as klchatel, having installed Scrivener and clicked on the icon but nothing seems to happen. Nothing on the menu bar. Any advice or suggestions?

Is the Scrivener icon in the dock with a little black triangle underneath it? If so, Scrivener is running. If you then click on the icon, the menu at the top of the screen should say “Scrivener” right beside the apple menu at the left. You can then click on “File” and “New Project” to get started, or “Help” and “Tutorial” to read through the tutorial.

Have you DOUBLE clicked the icon?


Once the Scrivener application icon is in the dock, clicking once, twice, or as many times as my ADD encourages, results in a promising bounce of the icon but it doesn’t initialise. I’m running OSX 10.3.9. Are there any known compatability problems? There doesn’t seem to be any problem with the installation.

You have to have 10.4 to run Scrivener. Won’t work in 10.3.

Yes, Khadrelt is right. We would have picked this up earlier if you had set out your computer details in your profile.

See mine at the bottom of this post - something that gives those trying to help you a quick overview of any potential problems - such as operating system incompatibilities.

Worth a thought. You can set your profile out in detail - it’s at the top of this page.