downloaded but program won't open

Hi all – I downloaded Scrivener onto my iMac, which worked fine. I accepted the terms. Also fine. But I can’t open the program. I dragged the icon to my Applications folder (as instructed), and tried to open it from there – the icon flashes for a fraction of a second over in the dock, and then … nothing. I am unable to open the tutorial either, and the “read only” file is garbled. I don’t think this is a fonts problem (as seemed to be the case with an earlier post), because since the program it won’t open, I can’t look at Preferences to change anything.

I ran a “permissions repair” on Disk Utility, and then Disk Warrior. Re-downloaded the program. Still no go.

Anybody have any idea what this might be?

Do you have OS X 10.4? Scrivener requires it, and those are the symptoms I got when I tried to open it on 10.3.


Yes! I have 10.3.9 – I must’ve missed that I needed the new OS. Keith: when you asked if I was running Tiger, it didn’t even register … I just assumed that what I had was fine.

Thanks for clearing up the mystery.

Perhaps a little system check and warning message would be a good thing for a future revision?